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Featured Bride - Jana

Posted on May 05 2016

1. Most helpful tool or website you used to help you plan? and

2. Wedding Date?

3. Wedding location and time of day?
Peace Lutheran Church in Edmond, Oklahoma

4. Hors d'oeuvres, meal or cake only? Catered, potluck, or family provided?
Desserts and cake! Best cook in the family made almost everything.

5. Number of guests and number in bridal party?
5 bridesmaids and 5 groomsmen

6. Wedding colors?
Classy- Ivory, Champagne, Black, and Blush

7. Types of flowers and describe your decor style?
Garden Roses and some baby's breath. Very classic style.

8. Funny story about your wedding?
All of our ushers decided to have mustaches for the wedding, it was awesome and very funny!

9. Most memorable moment?
The moment I saw Jason's face while walking down the aisle.

10. Biggest surprise of the wedding?
How amazing it turned out, It turned out way better than I thought it would.

11. What advice do you have for other brides reading this?
Don't stress! In the end your only goal it to marry the love of your life. Everything will come together in the end.

12. Was there a honeymoon, if so where?
Cancun, Mexico. It was beautiful!

13. Describe his face/that moment when you first saw him as you started down the aisle.
It's not very easy to describe that precious moment. He looked overwhelmed with joy and love, and he looked me with that special look he only gives me.

14. Tell us about the proposal/your engagement story. (We are dying to hear it!)

This is the short and sweet version! 

The plan was to have a special dinner date on New Years Eve and then go to the New Years Eve party at my apartment, that I had planned.
He accidentally told me we were going to have dinner at Vast on New Years Eve, an amazing restaurant on top of the Devon tower.
I was so excited about finally getting to eat at Vast that I didn't even think about a proposal or notice how strange my friends were being.
It was so special... Dinner was delicious. After we were done eating Jason asked the waiter to take a picture of us, I thought "Yay! Great idea! We look cute tonight!".
When he handed his phone to the waiter he had set it to record a video instead of take a picture. He got up from the table and got down on one knee and proposed.
I was so surprised the words "Are you serious?!" came out of my mouth! After that we went back to my apartment for what was actually our engagement party and New Years Party!

A complete surprise, we love that! Congrats you two love birds!


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