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Featured Bride - Heather

Posted on April 18 2017

Q: Most helpful tool or website you used to help you plan?
A: We didn't use any websites or apps, but we made dozens of lists to keep ourselves organized. We had a notebook where we kept receipts from purchases, guest list information, things to do, etc.

Q: Wedding Date?
A: The wedding was on Thursday October 15th. We chose a Thursday to work around family schedules, and also because venues and rentals are much less expensive on a weekday.

Q: Wedding location and time of day?
A: We had a gorgeous afternoon wedding at 4 o'clock on the patio of Pratt Place Inn in Fayetteville, AR. We loved the atmosphere of the old inn, and it created the perfect environment for our special day.

Q: Hors d'oeuvres or meal? Catered, potluck, family provided or cake only?
A: We served a full meal and most of the food was prepared by family. We catered the meat, but the sides and desserts were made by my sisters, my mother, and me. We served pie instead of cake, to go along with a fall theme.

Q: Number of guests and number in bridal party?
A: There were about 80 guests in attendance. I had 4 bridesmaids, and he had 3 groomsmen.

Q:  Wedding colors?
A: My favorite color is a dusty teal/aqua, and my mom found silk fabric online in the exact shade that we wanted! So the girls' dresses were made in that color, and the guys wore grey suits and black ties. We incorporated fall colors and gold with decorations and centerpieces, as well as adding a touch of purple with some flowers in my bouquet.

Q: Types of flowers and describe your decor style?
A: White hydrangeas, baby's breath, and ferns were used for the bouquets and arrangements, and my bouquet had a handful of purple lilies.

Q: Funny story about your wedding?
A: One of the groomsmen lost his pants.
He had his jacket and vest, but no pants. Everyone was running around trying to figure out where they were, and then they realized that the pants had fallen off the hanger at home, so he had to drive back and get them.

Q: Most memorable moment?
A: James and I had a first look, because we wanted to pray together before the ceremony. That was definitely one of the most emotional moments of the day for me. I walked up behind him and tapped him on the shoulder, he turned around, and we both almost lost it. I could feel my face trembling, and I had never felt anything affect me so strongly. It's a moment I won't forget.

Q: Biggest surprise of the wedding?
A: The biggest surprise would probably be a very dear friend of mine flying in from Georgia to be a bridesmaid. She didn't think she would be able to come, but she managed to make it in! And miraculously her dress -that my mom made!- fit perfectly!

Q: What advice do you have for other brides reading this?
A: Make sure the schedule throughout the day is relaxed enough that you can enjoy it! I was able to spend time with my bridesmaids, my family, and the amazing friends who came to help, and I'm so grateful for that.

Q: Was there a honeymoon, if so where?
A: James planned the honeymoon, and he didn't tell me where we were going until the wedding day! He likes surprising me. We roadtripped out west. Driving the whole trip gave us the freedom to stop whenever we wanted to. We spent a lot of time in Wyoming and loved it! The Grand Tetons, Yellowstone, just the wide variety of scenery; it was breathtaking. We used AirBnB for most of our lodging, and it was wonderful. We were able to get recommendations from our hosts for what to check out in the area and what routes to take, and that led to some of our favorite moments.

Beautiful. Thank You, Heather.

October Featured Bride Hannah in Arkansas Wedding table centerpiece with floating candles and votive wedding favors 


  • Destiny Womack: November 20, 2015

    Heather, I loved your wedding decor. The personalized glassware was gorgeous. The way that you placed votive candles nestled in candy corn in the mongrammed containers made the table settings all about Fall – cozy and beautiful…but not as beautiful as you were!

  • Christina: November 20, 2015

    What a gorgeous bride! Sounds like you had a great day.

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