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Featured Bride - Sara

Posted on April 18 2017

1. Most helpful tool or website you used to help you plan?

The website that I visited the most while wedding planning was Pinterest. I used this for ideas on decorations, hair styles, jewelry and make up, invitations and save the date styles, groomsmen outfits, bridesmaid’s dresses, cake styles, quotes, readings, music playlists, checklists, gift ideas, and even photograph poses. You name it, it’s on there!

2. Wedding Date?

Cole proposed to me on a picnic date at our favorite park on Monday, September 15th, 2014. We were married on Saturday, August 22, 2015. We decided on this length of engagement in order to have plenty of time for planning since I was finishing up my last year of school.

3. Wedding location and time of day?

We were married at the Stone Chapel on the Drury Campus in Springfield, Missouri at 5:30 in the evening. Our reception took place at 425 Banquet Hall in Downtown Springfield. Cole and I chose to get married in Springfield in order to accommodate both families – a kind of meet in the middle type of thing!

4. Hors d'oeuvres, meal or cake only? Catered, potluck, or family provided?

Cole and I love to eat and wanted to provide a full meal for all of our traveling guests. We had a delicious meal of brisket, pulled pork, and chicken with homemade rolls, mac n’ cheese, baked beans, and potatoes catered from our local St. George’s BBQ. BBQ is a great (and cheaper) option, because who doesn’t love BBQ?

We also had a 4 tier cake and a groom’s cake from a local cakery - Style by the Slice. Each tier, as well as the groom’s cake, was a different flavor. From top to bottom, we chose Red Velvet, Turtle,
Chocolate Mocha, and Italian Wedding (a delicious almond-vanilla flavor). The groom’s cake was a Vanilla Caramel space themed cake - Cole’s favorite!

By far, my favorite dessert is ice cream and my family did an amazing job of putting together a Sundae Bar, as well. They used vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry ice cream which they scooped into individual bowls the night before. Our reception venue had a huge freezer that we were able to store these in until the next night. We used pretty glass bowls for all kinds of toppings (the best part!) – Reese’s cups, Oreo’s, chocolate mints, sprinkles, coconut shavings, cherries, caramel and hot fudge.  

We were so incredibly happy with the choices we made for dinner and dessert and we received tons of compliments from our guests!

5. Number of guests and number in bridal party?

We were lucky to have about 150 guests attend, most of which were from out of town.

We had eight total in our bridal party. The groomsmen consisted of Cole’s Best Man and brother – Dr. Blake B., and his three best friends – Michael W., Michael F., and Landon.
The bridesmaids consisted of my sister as my Matron of Honor – Lisa, as well as my two cousins – Lauren and Megan, and my best friend – Katie. My bridesmaids wore long mint dresses with dainty gold necklaces, which was a gift from me.
They were given the option to choose their own shoes, belts, and hair style. The groomsmen wore black slacks with white shirts and black suspenders. They were given gray skinny ties with a wooden tie clip as a gift from Cole.

6. Wedding colors?

I guess our official colors were cream, mint, and coral, although, we mostly used mint and cream with a few touches of coral. We also weren’t super strict on this, meaning we didn’t mind if not everything matched or went by these colors.

7. Types of flowers and describe your decor style?

One of the reasons we chose 425 Downtown for our reception was because we loved the style of the room. We were able to keep our decorating to a minimum just by choosing a nice venue. There were
two full walls of exposed brick and one wall of glass windows. All wooden floors and wooden poles which came already strung up with lights made our lives so much easier. It was gorgeous before even setting up for the reception!

Cole and I wanted very simple, yet classy tables. Our nineteen guest tables had floor-length cream-colored tablecloths and for the head table and cake table, we used a champagne-colored tablecloth.
For months, we stocked up on glass vases and small pitchers from thrift stores and flea markets to use for our centerpieces. Every table had two or three unique vases filled with wildflowers.

Cole and I love wildflowers; we really wanted the feeling that we had just picked all our flowers from a field. Luckily, at our local farmer’s market, we spoke to some local farmers and discovered we could have just that. My mom, Cole, and I drove a few minutes out of town to Millsap farm the day before our wedding and chose all of our flowers to be cut. These are what we used for the centerpieces, church decorations, as well as our bouquets. We basically had flowers everywhere! We did, however, buy a few bundles of baby’s breath from Sam’s Club because they were not growing that time of year at the farm, and it’s one of Cole and I’s favorite flowers. We also stuck a few sprigs of baby’s breath in each of my bridesmaid’s hair. Choosing not to get our flowers or bouquets from a florist saved us a lot of money, and we personally prefer wildflowers!

We also opted on bundling a DJ and photo booth package from Spark Entertainment, and we both agree, this was one of our best decisions. Our guests had a blast with the photo booth and the DJ was
great at keeping things on schedule and playing our favorites. We made our own backdrop for the photo booth, which was actually quite a lot of work. We cut and folded a hundred or so geometric triangles with cream, mint, and coral paper and strung them up. They looked really impressive hanging from ceiling to floor in front of the exposed brick at our reception. We also wanted to tie in that theme at the Stone Chapel, so we strung some up around the arbor that we got married under. It was our largest project, and luckily, we had lots of crafty family members helping out!

8. Funny story about your wedding?

At the reception, we had a cash bar, but offered our guests “His and Her Drinks” on us. Cole chose a classic Whiskey & Coke and I went with a sweet Amaretto Sour. The day after the wedding, I was
talking to my sister while cleaning up the reception venue about how the night went. She was talking to me about how the bartender probably thought she was some kind of drunkard, because she had to keep returning to the bar for more drinks, as hers kept getting stolen. She would get a drink from the bar, have a couple sips, go and dance a bit, and return to the head table to find her drink missing. Well, later that day, I was talking to Cole about the night. I asked him how much he had to drink, because I was too busy dancing and chatting to really go get myself anything. “Oh, I had a few, only because I kept finding full drinks just sitting at our table!” He had been stealing my sister’s drinks the whole night!

9. Most memorable moment?

Hands down, the most memorable moment and probably my favorite time of that entire day was our “first look.” Before the ceremony, I, fully gowned and dolled up, got the opportunity to walk up to
Cole and let him see his soon-to-be wife for the first time. I know some couples highly prefer not to do this, but for us, it was perfect. All that day, Cole and I were surrounded by our loved ones, which is a beautiful thing, but we were so ready to see each other. Those fifteen minutes that we were able to be together, just the two of us (and our stealthy photographer who snapped some photos), were well worth the superstitions. We shared hand written vows to each other and lots of hugs and tears in that moment.

10. Biggest surprise of the wedding?

The location of our venue made it difficult to really have a grand exit. The doors just opened onto the sidewalk of a fairly busy street. This didn’t bother Cole and I too much, as we just decided that it would be announced that we were leaving and we would drive ourselves down the street to the Hotel Vandivort where we would be staying. Little did we know, my sister and mom had planned an exit for us. When it was time, the DJ announced that we were going to be leaving and Cole and I walked outside to see a rickshaw waiting for us! Rickshaws are popular around downtown Springfield and this one was decorated with signs “Just Married” and strung cans on the back. Our guests all lined up and tossed (pelted)
us with bird seed as the rickshaw driver headed off to our hotel. We got plenty of cheers and waves from the downtown public on our way and we both agreed this was a hilarious surprise!    

11. What advice do you have for other brides reading this?

Don’t stress out! Seriously, this is YOUR day. All of your favorite people are there to celebrate you and your husband’s love. Don’t worry about every little detail. I guarantee you are the ONLY person who will notice. Use this day for tons of smiles and laughter and remember everything about it; it will be gone in a flash. With that being said, choose a good photographer to capture the entire day. If you are to splurge anywhere, splurge on a photographer that is professional and helpful and, of course, takes amazing pictures! We were so lucky to have Elise Abigail Photography. She was super relatable and organized. We didn’t have a wedding coordinator, so she was the one who kept us on schedule all day long.

12. Was there a honeymoon, if so where?

Cole and I wanted to go somewhere unique for our honeymoon; somewhere neither of us had ever been with plenty of stuff to do. We ultimately decided on Tofino, a town located on Vancouver Island, Canada. Let me just say, Canada is absolutely amazing. We had a breathtaking drive through the mountains and along the coast to get to the peninsula where Tofino is located. We splurged on a cabin in the Crystal Cove Resort that was situated right on the beach.
You really can’t beat a view from your private deck and hot tub of huge mountains rolling straight into an ocean cove. We hiked, boogie-boarded, went on a whale-watching excursion, tide-pooled, and ate amazing food at all the local restaurants! We reminisce about our honeymoon often and, on a whim, have even looked at real estate up there!   

13. Describe his face/that moment when you first saw him as you started down the aisle.

I remember turning the corner and clutching my dad’s arm when I saw all the faces staring back at me. I am the anxious, quiet type and most certainly not the type of person to be center-of-attention. So, surely my face showed shear panic when I saw how many people were in the church. It was more people than I expected to see, and I made the horrible mistake of trying to look around at everyone. After a few moments of panic, I decided to stare straight ahead, down the aisle and at my future husband. This is when I could finally begin to smile, after seeing his face smiling back at me. It is unbelievable how you can have such a connection to someone, where everything else in the room simply melts away.

Thank you for sharing your wedding details with us Sara! We were so inspired, we used your names on one of our standard designs!

Sara and Cole wedding picture


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