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Frosted Tumbler - "Bordering Love"

$ 3.50


Personalized Wedding Candle Holders

When planning your wedding day it’s important to find décor that suits your individual style and taste. Sometimes, however, finding the right accessories can be quite difficult.
At Wedding Candles, we understand that you want to keep under your budget, but you still want accent pieces that are classy and elegant. As such, we have a wide range of candles and containers to suit your needs!

If you’re looking for something simple and stylish, our Bordering Love frosted tumbler makes the ideal addition for your indoor or outdoor wedding. Choose from one of eight designs and 12 colors to find the tumbler that is right for you!
3.25" (diameter) X 3.875" (tall)
*no accessories pictured are included

**INCLUDED: customized tumbler jar and 1 floating candle per jar ordered

Order additional glass without personalized designs here:

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