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Frosted Tumbler (Unprinted Case of 6)

$ 9.00

Elegant Wedding Candle Holders

Frosted glass tumblers are an eye-catching alternative to a simple clear glass.  Their unique frosted effect adds a welcoming and soft ambiance to any wedding decor, indoors or out.

Our unprinted frosted tumbler is the perfect way to add a simple, yet elegant, touch of class to your formal or informal wedding.  Tumblers can be used in a variety of different ways, including:

  • DIY weddings
  • Tealight holder
  • Holder for small objects such as pebbles or candies
  • Wedding favor gifts for guests
  • And so much more! 


These precious frosted tumblers measure 3.875” tall x 3.25” diameter and only $1.50 each.

(Unprinted) Frosted Tumbler

3.875” tall x 3.25” diameter

0.7 lbs Each (empty)

Recommended candles to pair with our frosted tumbler: 3" Floating Candle or Votive

*no accessories or candles are included - non-customized jar only

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