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Stemless Wineglass Lover's Wreath

$ 15.00


Custom Wedding Decorations or Wedding Favors: Your Guests Will Love!

Contemporary in style, but completely versatile, our Lover's Wreath stemless wine glass is the perfect way to customize your wedding decor.
Available in 12 popular colors, you can easily personalize these glasses by simply adding the bride and groom's first names and wedding date.
Our stemless wine glasses are an excellent investment, as they can be utilized in a number of different ways. Use these glasses as containers for beads, tealights, mints, flowers, as drinking glasses or any other way you see fit.
We have a broad range of stunning wedding decor ideas to suit any style and taste. View our website for our full collection of stemless wine glasses, candles, mason jars, votives, wedding favors, tumblers, floating candles and other containers.
2.8" rim diameter
3.8" middle diameter
5.0" tall

*no accessories pictured are included

**INCLUDED: customized wine glass and tealights or votives.


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