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Votive - "Lover's Wreath"

$ 2.75


Custom Wedding Favors and Decor Create A Wedding to Remember!

 Of course you want to make your wedding as unforgettable to your guests as it will be to you! Do this not only by the décor and atmosphere you create, but also by sending your guests home with custom-made votives(shot glass) as wedding favors, inscribed with a personalized message or name. This is guaranteed to make a lasting impression and create meaningful keepsakes for your guests to use and enjoy for years to come.

Undeniably adorable, but delightfully affordable, votive cups make great reception table centerpieces and serve dual purpose as personalized candle favors.

At Wedding Candles, we know you want to create a wedding that is unforgettable for both you and your guests. While this may sound like a challenging feat, it can be easy by simply choosing the perfect decor and atmosphere!

Our Lover's Wreath votive adds an adorable yet affordable, touch to your wedding decor. Fully customizable, you can add the bride and groom's first name, wedding date and chosen color for the perfect accent piece.

Votives aren't just candles. Fill your votive with mints or a single flower in water for an elegant and simple touch your guests are sure to remember.

Get started now by choosing your favorite votive design today !

2" (diameter) X 2.5" (tall)

Weight for one votive cup: 2.72 ounces

**INCLUDED: customized votive cup and 1 votive candle per votive cup ordered. Please choose white or ivory in the drop down above.

*no accessories pictured are included

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